Ljósrák reflects on impermanence. 

Helgi Vignir Bragason's work take us through the beginning and end of a building’s life. Through photographs, sculpture and found imagery, he makes monuments of the acts of constructing and dismantling the temporality of the structures that shape our lives. In contrast, the sculptures of the artist duo Sid and Jim act as traps for missed daily ephemera; capturing light beams, or stabilizing doodles in steamed mirrors. 

The exhibition transforms the gallery into a space where time moves in contradictory ways. It slows to a stop as the mark on a steamed mirror never fades. It speeds to a blur as we witness a building rise and decay. 


Sid & Jim

Helgi Vignir Bragason


13.04.24 14-16

14.04.24 14-16

20.04.24 14-16

21.04.24 14-16

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Lindargata 66, Reykjavik 101

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