Vestiges of the Unearthed.

Kannski invites you to Vestiges of the Unearthed, the first exhibition of Victoria Ahren’s cross-photographic work in Iceland. 

The objects in the exhibition are shaped the pigments of abandoned industrial sites; yellow and orange from the UK’s CUF industrial park, greens and blues the copper fields of the Atacama desert, purples and pinks of the sublimation of pyrite from the post-industrial landscapes of Barreiro, Portugal. 

These three locations are the tangible remains of our often hidden violent extractivist history, as well as of the colonial and gendered landscapes of industry. These particular stone-bound metals are used in the photographic process, aluminum for polaroid strips, lithium to power our computers and phones, copper for the plates exposed to create the images Ahren’s displays.

Among the tinted works are photographs of the few succulents and plants that still grow in these highly toxic environments, offering a sense of potential, even hope, amid the revelations of what our images can cost.  The works remind us of our hand in shaping both our world, and our view of it in the silent queer space of landscape, amid the ruins of our time.


Victoria Ahrens



Saturday: 2 pm - 4 pm

Sunday: 2 pm - 4 pm

Monday: 2 pm - 4 pm


Lindargata 66, Reykjavik 101

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