Do you want to leave reality? Where will you go? Artists Camilla Patricia Sæberg and Mari Norddahl offer you two possibilities.

Mari creates soft objects/creatures, the product of a decade of work, mixes childhood fantasies and anatomical unrealities in a larger investigation of sculptural textile objects as their own entities. Camilla’s paintings reference the abstraction inherent to current AI images of the human form, showing an almost incomprehensible composition of bodies distorted in the digital realm. 

By testing the limits of what we relate to, and build stories around, Camilla and Mari offer a tempting non-reality with new, but almost familiar rules that undermine the hierarchy between human and non-human.


Mari Norddahl, Camilla Patricia Sæberg


17.05.24 - 26.05.24

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Lindargata 66, Reykjavik 101

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