Handan himins/

Behind the Sky

ARTISTS: Petra Hjartardóttir, Jasa Baka


23.09 14-16

24.09 14-16

28.09 16-18

30.09 14-16

01.10 14-16


Lindargata 66, Reykjavik 101

Handan himins, Behind the Sky suggests that other realms and animistic realities are present and that we are initiating an opportunity for the audience to experience them. We aim to give a feeling that the sky is reversed on the floor, like over turning a rock to see what lives underneath, the sculptural creatures surface out of the blue. 

The title also refers to the slippage that happens when the sky is reflected perfectly in bodies of water and the surrounding area turns into a mass suspended in air. Similar slippage happens when the horizon line between the sky and the ocean becomes unclear and the two merge into one, turning the shoreline into a mountain.

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